GJCO in detail

Today, the “Gilets Jaunes” movement has crossed the borders of France, Germany, Belgium, Serbia, Bulgaria, Holland, up to Iraq.

Gilets Jaunes

Decisions of our politicians, sold to evil banksters, reduce the quality of life and liebrty of all European citizens, who worry a little more each day about the future of their children and future generations.
The current European and the global banking system, already failing since 2008 economic crisis, is in its last days. The European states, with the help of the European Union, are pressuring the people to finance this zombie system, trying to put nations on their knees. The French people, renowned for their violent revolutions and their courage, have thus initiated a movement of global social protest, which will now end only with the complete overhaul of our social and economic institutions.

The people will not be sacrificed on the altar of debt !

It is therefore essential to prepare the future by enabling a transition to a fairer, more equitable, and environmentally friendly paradigm, based on economic and political decentralization.

In order to bring Yellow Vests (aka Gilets Jaunes in France) from around the world this economic independence and financial support, french yellow vests have decided to launch, the GiletJauneCoin, based on the latest blockchain technologies.

Easy to use, the GiletJauneCoin (GJCO) is perfect for transactions between yellow vests citizens, or people who wants to support our legitime battle against european oligarchy. By providing the necessary infrastructure for a massive use of the GJCO, we are helping yellow jackets around the world to create a parallel economic system during this struggle for freedom.

The GJCO's vocation is to be a financial transaction tool, and can also be a tamper-proof voting system, secured by blockchain. GiletJauneCoin (GJCO) will be used for any use case that blockchain will allow to help the international “Gilets Jaunes” movement.

Inspired by Bitcoin, and based on the very powerful blockchain technology"Ethereum", the GJCO is issued by a process called "mining", which consists in confirming GiletJauneCoins transactions by miners computers (nodes), on a decentralized model , to completely replace the traditional banking servers. Thus, in a collaborative manner, the network is maintained in operation, and transactions made possible 24/24 at ridiculously low costs.

These transactions are rewarded with a number of GiletJauneCoins (5 coins per block, each block can contain hundreds of transactions). These blocks are issued every 15 seconds by ur decentralized blockchain system “GiletJauneCoin”. This decentralization prevents any takeover of the payment process by third parties.


Building a strong community is vital for this project, join our social networks ! Thanks to your help, the gilets jaunes will help to free french and european people from the crazy banking supervision that has been imposed on us for so long!


The GiletJauneCoin (GJCO) miners are invited to support the “Gilets Jaunes” by mining GiletJauneCoins (GJCO) on our official pool, to effectively contribute to the fight against the slave banking system:

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We invite you to create a GiletJauneCoin wallet here:

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The struggle is only beginning.

Long live the Gilets Jaunes, Long live the free European countries, Long live the GiletJauneCoin !